The Color Run 2012 – Colorado Springs

Published August 17, 2012 by meee2

I had a TON of fun at The Color Run in Colorado Springs. The temperature was cool, the day was beautiful My friend Carly drove up from Tucson with her 4 boys, so it was me, Carly, her 4 boys, and my 9 year old, Michael. I really wish my other children, Dylan and Maddy, would have  run it with us this year. They did think it looked pretty amazing, and they keep asking me when it will be back!! Hopefully, we’ll all run it when it comes back to Denver or Colorado Springs. Even better, would be us being able to run it somewhere near Tucson next year.

I’m not sure of my exact time on this run, as I forgot to stop my RunKeeper app until we were walking around after the finish line. Although we had bibs, it really wasn’t a timed event. It’s just a fun run or walk for anyone. Our time was somewhere around 57:08, which puts our average minutes per mile at 19:22. I don’t think the course was quite a 5K, but pretty darn close.


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