Why Run?

Published August 21, 2012 by meee2

Lots of reasons.

And I may have sugarcoated how “easy” running is in my last post. It isn’t “easy.” It is hard work. It’s exhausting. It’s totally worth it. Anyway, the point I meant to get across is that just about anyone can do it, no matter how big or small. You just need to start small and build yourself up.

On to the reasons of why I run.

Weight loss. It’s hard to lose weight. I’ve tried for so many years! I’ve tried walking, Wii Fit, that Gazelle thingy. Now, the Wii Fit and the Gazelle didn’t stick very long at all, but when I say walking, I mean WALKING! The family and I would walk for anywhere between 1 and 2 hours at least 5 or 6 times a week. I never shed a pound. Not 1 single pound. My labs never came back better than what they were when I first got diagnosed with Type II diabetes and high cholesterol. It was so frustrating. I’ve lost around 28 pounds since I started running in April. The scale said 219.8 today (which is a 4.8 pound loss since I started this blog on August 6). I haven’t been under 220 since before my daughter was born. She’s about to turn 8 on the 21st of September.

Because of the diabetes, I have to have labs drawn every 3 months, and then be seen by my doctor to discuss progress (or sometimes lack thereof). I had my labs drawn a couple of weeks ago. I told my doctor that they had better be fucking stellar or I was probably going to go bat shit crazy. I mean, really. I have been working my ASS OFF these last few months. Not only that, but my diet is much, much better. When she came in the room she gave me the weirdest look. She had me scared for a minute. Turns out, every single number is EXACTLY WHERE IT SHOULD BE, except my triglycerides. They are sitting at 184, which is 34 points higher than they should be. Everything else is spectacular. My doctor is even going to help me cut down and/or get rid of whatever meds I can quit taking safely. I hate taking pills, so this is great news!!

I’ve had depression for as long as I can remember. Actually, I was diagnosed as being bi-polar many years back. I’ve always had to take some type of pill for this. When my doc asked me if I need a refill for my depression meds, I was able to tell her that I was going to wait. I have been feeling so much better in this area. I rarely have a sad day, and haven’t had any weepy days in months. Don’t worry, if things do start to go downhill she is prepared to write me a script, without me having to come into the office.

Last, but certainly not least, I also have fibromyalgia. Again, this is something I’ve had for as long as I can remember. I had a couple years where I was in so much pain, regular daily activities were sometimes just too hard to accomplish. Showers, brushing my teeth, doing dishes….the pain was just unbearable and I couldn’t always do these things. If I would mop the floor, I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed the next day. It was miserable. I’m happy to say that my pain has been much better. I do still have a rough days here and there. Sometimes it’s painful to just walk. But, I don’t know 80 to 90% of the time, I’m mostly or all the way pain free.

So there you have it. That’s why I run. That’s why I will continue to run for as long as my legs will carry me.

I will keep on running 3 days a week. I also do Zumba 3 days a week. I also think Zumba benefits me the same way running does.

6 days of exercise each week. I love it.


One comment on “Why Run?

  • Running is definitely hard!! Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Even the people that are super speedy think it gets hard during a race. You’re incredibly motivating and I think you’ll reach your goals soon. Congrats on your recent achievement and for having the determination to soldier on with a new plan 🙂 You’ve got this!

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