Well, Back To Running Shoes

Published September 6, 2012 by meee2

Thank goodness! I loved The Party Dress, but I definitely feel more comfortable in my running shoes.

Last week my exercise consisted only of two days of Zumba.

Yep. Zero days of running.

Which wouldn’t be so horrible, but I’m in the middle of training for my first half marathon. I don’t feel guilty. I never let myself feel guilty for missing a work out or eating something delicious. That’s not what this journey is about. This is about helping my body, mind, and spirit feel healthy and good, which isn’t as easy for me without the running part.

I was okay with no running till the weekend hit. I was in Las Vegas for a big surprise birthday party for one of the uncles, and for a reunion on that side of the family.

I was barely able to sleep. And certainly not for lack of being tired or trying to sleep.

My anxieties were very high. I’m not just talking about the jitters of meeting a bunch of new people for the first time. I’m talking, crazy, off the wall, jump at everything type of anxiety, which also tied into the sleeping problem. I kept jolting awake just SURE I had heard someone coming in the hotel room, or SURE my husband was asleep while he was driving……

I was really dragging my feet. Almost everything I did there seemed like a monumental task. Take a shower? Take the kids to the pool? Take the kids upstairs to the suite to eat with the family? It was tough to make my body go.

I think I may have mentioned (maybe not) that I was a smoker for a while. I didn’t start until I was 27. I’m not sure why in the hell I started then. I mean, come on! I’d gone for almost 30 years without a cigarette. Why start? I don’t know, but I did. I’ve quit off and on through the years. I quit again around April of this year, after I started running. I had about 2 1/2 packs of cigarettes from Friday morning until Monday morning.

I could tell on this run. Just 5 minutes into my run I was sucking some major wind. Then I started coughing and hacking. A couple hours later I’m still hacking a little bit.

Smoking + Running = Really effing stupid.

Anyway, enough about the complaining.

My run, despite the breathing issues, was awesome. How could it not be? I feel so much better right now. My mind is calmer, my body is more relaxed, I’m overall happier.

And this weekend? It was epic.

I love my family. I can’t wait to see them again.

The husband is missing. He got suckered into emceeing. :o)


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