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Amazing Opportunity!

Published October 10, 2012 by meee2

I have one of the most amazing opportunities coming up. I’ve wanted to write about it for a while, but it just didn’t seem real, for some reason. Or maybe it’s just because I’m really nervous! Or maybe I didn’t want to jinx myself. Hell, I don’t know. Anyway, here it is.

This Sunday I will make my way to The Biggest Loser Resort in Ivins, Utah.

I so excited!! And nervous. Really nervous. Like, more nervous than excited.

I’m worried that my fibromyalgia will cause me problems while I’m there. I know I’ve talked about how it’s so much better now, with all the running and Zumba, and it is. The difference is the amount of activity I’ll be doing.

Right now, I do about an hour a day. Sometimes slightly less, sometimes (like my longgg runs) slightly more. I try to get in 6 days of exercise a week. This doesn’t always happen, and I’ll admit I’ve been slipping a little bit lately, but I try really hard.

When I’m at the resort I’ll be doing about 6 to 7 hours of activity a day. My meals will consist of 1,200 calories a day. Yikes!! That’s a lot of exercise and not a lot of food.

The best part of the week? My dear cousin will be with me. Yay!!

I’ll try to do another post or two (like maybe the one where I thought I was going to die through miles 9 to 11 of my 11 mile run) before I go. I’ll try really, really hard to update while I’m there, but I can guarantee you I’m going to be one tired (HUNGRY) girl, so we’ll see how that goes.

I’ll definitely let you know how things went once I get home. Bonus? I get to buy new jeans after my week there.

Wish me luck!!


Run, Stroll, and Roll 5K Recap

Published October 1, 2012 by meee2

This was my 4th official 5K, since I started running in April of this year.

As the title shows, this race was really for everyone in the family. I thought it would be a fun family experience so I signed all 3 of my kids up to run with me. I would have signed the husband up, but he is dead set against ever running again. They made him do it almost daily when he was in the Army. He refuses to ever run again. I’m lucky if I can even get him to take a walk with me.

My boys were excited for the run. My daughter pretended like she was.

When we were halfway to the race, which was about 40 miles away from my house, I remembered to check my daughter’s foot attire. She was wearing her school shoes, which are a very shiny, dressy shoe. Shit.

When I asked her why she was wearing those shoes and not some tennis shoes, she matter-of-factly told me it was so she didn’t have to run.

The race started out great. I ran my fastest mile ever (well, since I started running again). If any of you know me from my Army days, my 11:21 minute mile will make you laugh. Hard.

It was an out and back race, so the second mile was a little harder. It turns out the “out” part of the race was downhill. Which, of course, means that the “back” part of the race was completely UPHILL.

I was really hurting on the 3rd mile, but continued my 25 second bursts of running and 35 seconds of walking.

Somewhere towards the end of the 2nd mile I had passed a girl about my age and her mother. I continued to put space between us until the very end of the race.

I looked back during the last few tenths of a mile. She was running. Like all out running. I think the F word went through my head. In fact, I’m sure it did.

I began running the last part, which I always do while I’m training. It’s not a fast run, but it’s longer than the 25 second bursts I’m used to.

I was almost to the end and I heard her creeping up on me. She was gaining on me! Mother effer was going through my head.

I now had to SPRINT to make sure she did not beat me. I certainly couldn’t let someone beat me at the end. No way.

So I did. And I beat her.

I want to thank her for making me push myself when I really didn’t want to. It’s how I train, and I would have been very disappointed had I not done it.

The race wasn’t officially timed. My Runkeeper app said I ran it in 0:36:38. My time was a little bit shorter than that, probably only by seconds, but I was really, really winded and always forget to stop the timer.

My 8 year old son, Michael ran much faster than I did. I’m not sure of his time either, but if they post the results, I’ll update. My 13 year old son, Dylan ended up finishing after me. He started out much faster than I did. Probably too fast. Towards the middle we ran together for a while, but then he just couldn’t keep up. My competitive spirit just wouldn’t allow me to walk the last part with him. I kept going. Again, we’re not sure what his time was.